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Renault Captur LPG - NEVO-lutionary

Renault Captur LPG - NEVO-lutionary ©

Petrol engines with direct fuel injection are no future – they're the present! So it comes as little surprise that autogas systems for converting such engines are the present as well. We're testing one of the latest such systems as fitted onto a Renault Captur 1,2 TCe.
Renault Captur 1,2 TCe LPG© gazeo.comGood-looking, well-riding, comfortable and a crossover - no way it couldn't be successful

There are two basic conceptual ways ways leading to the conversion of a DI engine: applying non-vapourised LPG through the petrol injectors directly into the combustion chambers or vapourising the fuel in a reducer and applying it into the intake manifold through separate autogas injectors, while the petrol injectors are used for dosing small interjections of the original fuel (for cooling and protection). KME of Łódź, Poland has chosen the latter way, but at the same time they wanted to reduce the amount of conventional fuel used to a necessary minimum. That's why the EZP (pump valve emulator) module was developed.

The device reduces pressure in the fuel delivery system by cutting off the high pressure pump valve, which in turn minimizes the amount of petrol used by the engine in the form of interjections. All the while the autogas system ECU emulates the pump valve signal and sends it to the petrol ECU to make it believe pressure remains stable and everything works just like it did prior to conversion. The principle is exactly the same as with petrol injectors in all converted engines – their signals are emulated and their role is taken over by LPG injectors.

And so the basic question is: how much petrol does a Renault Captur 1,2 TCe need once it ditches most petrol in favour of primarily LPG and a bit of petrol? To find the answer to this question (and other ones you may have regarding the NEVO-SKY DIRECT system), sit back and watch the full video review below. Get a cup of tea or coffee ready, grab a snack and enjoy – a few minutes from now everything shall be clear.

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