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Opel Astra LPG - without issue(s)

Opel Astra LPG - without issue(s) ©

The current iteration of the Opel Astra has been around for two years now and yet there's no word on a factory-converted LPG version of the car. So meanwhile we're testing the only still available autogas-powered variant of the car – the previous-generation sedan.
Opel Astra sedan LPG© gazeo.comThe sedan bodystyle isn't particularly popular with buyers. Will the LPG system help it get out of the shade?

The main reason why there is no LPG guise of the Astra K is probably because the 1,4 turbo petrol unit, previously used on the Astra J, the Insignia, Zafira and Mokka, is not available on that car. Does it mean Opel has discontinued the engine? Not at all – it's still available on select models, including the newly introduced Crossland X crossover, even though it's the brand's first offering underpinned by PSA technology after the French company took over Opel from GM in early 2017. The Crossland X is built on the same platform as e.g. the Peugeot 2008.

So does it mean port-injection engines in the Astra have all been replaced with direct-injection ones and it's more difficult and costly now to build an LPG variant? Again, that would be a no – there's a naturally aspirated, 100 PS 1,4-litre unit on offer, so a turbo version could in all probability fit between the front wheels as well. We hope the people at Opel change their minds and still introduce an autogas-motivated Astra, but until they do, sit back and enjoy our review of the previous-gen sedan, which remains the only Astra running on LPG straight from the showroom.

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Opel Astra sedan LPG - the engine bay© gazeo.comUnder the bonnet we met some good friends of ours

Interestingly, the car behaves a bit like a diesel – the engine becomes considerably more vigorous once you hit 2000 RPM, i.e. when the turbocharger kicks in, and accelerating in third and fourth gear is accompanied by this specific hiss, typical to diesel rather than petrol engines. However, the "force feeder" provides the Astra with a nice performance reserve despite rather modest engine displacement, which – combined with the 6-speed manual transmission – promises decent fuel economy. But the truth is economy in this case is provided for most part by LPG, especially now that the factory-installed autogas system is available at approx. half the regular price. Well, at least in Poland it is. All in all, it's an offer you can't ignore. I mean, you can, but what's the point?


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