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Methane company turns to methane

Snam, the Italian natural gas grid operator, wants its corporate fleet to comprise natural-gas-powered vehicles only. To transform it from conventional to alternative fuel, the company has announced a tender worth 33 milion euros.

Big money, big plans

With this money, Snam intends to replace 1500 vehicles in its service to CNG-powered ones. Once the tender procedure is complete (on February 16, 2018) and winners are announced, actual deliveries will be completed within 3 years of signing contracts. Apart from spending 33 million euros (approx. 40 million dollars) on vehicles for its fleet, Snam will also invest another 150 million to add 300 new publicly accessible refueling sites. Mind you, Italy is already among countries with the most developed CNG station networks – when Snam puts their plan to practice, there will be 1100 outlets overall.

By adding more stations the market could expand to 2-3 million vehicles and would be able to complement electric cars. I drive a hybrid car, and I think the future will be gas and electricity – plug-in hybrids.

Snam CEO Marco Alvera

Multi-layer support

Snam aims to be at the forefront of natural gas infrastructure development as well as providing technology for the Italian transport sector, including solutions for using liquefied natural gas (LNG) as maritime fuel. The company's major field of activity is natural gas transfer – not just in Italy, but also in other parts of Europe. For example, in April 2017 Snam signed an agreement to upgrade Ukrainian natural gas grid.


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