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LPG buses coming to Valladolid

Buses may be big polluters, but they're somewhat excused because they carry tens of people at a time, spewing out lower amounts of harmful compounds than collected cars transporting the same number of people, yet cutting buses' emissions is always a good idea.
A city bus in the streets of Valladolid© auto-gas.netA diesel-LPG blend or pure autogas? That remains to be seen, but we bet on the latter if you ask us

When it comes to refreshing a bus' breath, the most common ways include hybridising a diesel-powered vehicle, replacing the engine with one running on CNG or LNG or, more recently, converting to battery-powered electric drive altogether. Using autogas in a bus is rare, which makes this particular example all the more interesting.

One for a start

The first vehicle will begin a trial run soon and if the results prove satisfactory, Auvasa (Autobuses Urbanos de Valladolid, the local public transport authority) will deploy more of them in their fleet. Details regarding the engines or LPG systems to be used are limited, but we hope to learn more as the scale of the initiative grows.

More benefits for LPG

Drivers of autogas-powered cars in Valladolid can also count on additional benefits from choosing LPG as their fuel. Starting in 2018, the Municipal Tax break on diesels will be abolished, while vehicles running on autogas and other alternative fuels will enjoy a 40% discount on condition that they emit 120 g/km of CO2 or less. We must admit we definitely like the direction Spain is going as far as policy towards autogas is concerned...


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