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LPG - Exceptional Energy 2017: it is time

The fifth edition of the POGP-organised LPG – Exceptional Energy conference has just begun at the Bristol hotel in Warsaw, Poland. It's an outstanding opportunity to have a closer look at our favourite fuel from a broader, more general perspective.
LPG - Exceptional Energy 2017: it is timefot. gazeo.comLPG - Exceptional Energy 2017: it is time

After all, LPG isn't all just about autogas. Even though fueling vehicles may be its prevailing use in many countries (including Poland), liquefied petroleum gas has a number of other purposes to serve, including cooking and heating. Whatever the role, it always helps improve air quality significantly and protect human health. This year's conference speeches and discussions will surely provide us with valuable information as to how this versatile fuel may be further implemented to improve people's lives all over the world.

As in previous editions, the conference will also be an opportunity to present POGP's (Polish LPG Association's) annual report. The document will provide a deep and detailed insight into Poland's LPG market and offer predictions and prospects for its future. We will offer you broader coverage of this significant event as soon as we can, but now we're all ears and ready to absorb the knowledge about to be shared. Stay tuned!


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