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Italians fall in love with autogas... again!

Italy may be the birthplace of autogas and the fuel remains popular there. After a major decrease in new LPG-powered car registrations in 2016, the market is recovering with an increase of above 20% in the first quarter of 2017.
Surge of autogas car sales in Italy© Landi RenzoItalians' affection for autogas has had its ups and downs, but remains strong

Autogas car sales in Italy are closely tied with availability of subsidies for vehicles running on alternative fuels. If authorities support cars running on LPG and CNG, hybrids and EVs by partially refunding their purchase, motorists buy them more eagerly, if not – fewer "green" cars are sold. After a considerable peak in the first quarter of 2015, sales were down considerably in the same period of 2016, but jumped back up in 2017. To be precise, between January and April of 2017, Italians bought by 23% more autogas-powered cars than the year before.

Of all the first quarters between 2011 and 2017, this year's result is second only to that of 2015, when 70 thousand vehicles running on LPG were purchased. After a drop below 40 thousand in 2016, the 2017 figure is well above 45 thousand, close to 50 thousand. This also means the market share for autogas has increased – from 5,5% in Q1 2016 to 6,3% today. According to analysts, by the end of the year market share may reach 7,6%.

At 23%, Italy's surge of interest in autogas is well above the global figure, which stands at 8% for Q1 2017. Also notable is the fact that cars fueled with LPG account for as much as 60% of all vehicles running on alternative fuels, which goes to show autogas remains Italians' weapon of choice when it comes to saving money and reducing emissions. Given Italy's tradition of using the fuel, it's hardly surprising, but heartwarming nonetheless.


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