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Driving school saves piles with autogas

No matter if the car is big or small, it will always provide proper savings when converted to autogas – the more you drive, the better. Cars used by driving instructors usually drive a lot, so it's only reasonable for them to convert their rides. Here's one who did.
© Autogas LimitedNo car is too small to be converted to LPG - covering 25 thousand miles a year, this Hyundai i10 saves some tangible amounts of money

Stuart Russell, a driving instructor at A Plus Driving, Durham, UK, saves several hundred pounds a months thanks to the fact his tiny little Hyundai i10 has been converted to run on autogas instead of petrol. And those savings have been going right into the school's pocket right from day one, because the 1500 pound conversion was a prize in a competition run by The Instructor magazine.

The i10 covers 25 thousand miles (40 thousand km) a year, which is quite a lot for a car so small. And given LPG allows the school to half the fuel bill, annual savings are projected to be 2000 pounds – more than the conversion was worth! As Mr. Russell says, autogas does absolutely no harm to the small Hyundai's performance and since it operates in a limited area, the relatively small number of stations (1400 across the UK) is not a problem.

It’s an absolute must, I will definitely convert all my future cars to run on LPG.

Stuart Russell, A Plus Driving


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