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More CNG-powered cars in Austria

According to Statistik Austria, 274 CNG-powered cars were registered in the country between January and April 2014. While it seems like few, it's still a considerable leap forward when you compare the figure with its last year's counterpart.

Since within the first four months of 2013 only 184 methane-powered vehicles were registered, the rise rate is a hefty 49%. April was particularly good, as in 2014 Austrians registered by 63% more cars running on CNG than in the same month of the previous year.

CNG station in Austria© OÖ. Gas-WärmeEvery user of a CNG-powered vehicle should be this happy. And why not, since the fuel offers a number of advantages

According to Michael Mock, the director of FGW (Fachverband der Gas- und Wärmeversorgungsunternehmungen, or Federation of Gas and Heat Generating Companies), the data goes to show that the number of companies, institutions and individual users seeking vehicles emitting fewer harmful particles. Mr. Mock went on to add that CNG-powered cars will play a significant role when it comes to improving city air quality as they spew out 20% less carbon dioxide and next to no particulate matter at all, compared to petrol- and diesel-powered counterparts.

Michael Mock also emphasised the significance of incentive schemes supporting CNG-powered vehicle purchases for the NGV sector. In Austria, appropriate programmes run on both federal and regional levels. For instance, NGV's (natural gas vehicles) are elligible for a tax break worth 600 euros until the end of 2015. Furthermore, the purchase or conversion of up to 10 vehicles to CNG entitles the buyer to receive a 500 euro incentive per vehicle.

As for the particular regions of Austria, CNG support takes the following forms:

  • Burgenland – until the end of 2014 purchasing NGV's is supported with a sum of 750 euros under the Alternative Mobilität 2014 programme;
  • Lower Austria – 700 euro incentive for NGV purchase until December 2015;
  • Upper Austria – refueling coupons and insurance breaks;
  • Salzburg – 1000 euro NGV purchase incentive until the end of 2014 plus refueling coupons for the purchase of up to 500 kg of CNG;
  • Styria – the company Energie Steiermark AG promotes buying NGV's with incentives of up to 800 euros;
  • Tyrol – TIGAS offers bonuses of up to 1310 euros until the end of 2014;
  • Vorarlberg – 500 kg of natural gas;
  • Vienna – 1000 euro worth of incentive until the end of 2015; new CNG-powered taxis are encouraged with incentives of 3000 euros.


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