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LPG in Austria and Switzerland: Alpinegas

Autogas may not be as common in the land of Mozart and the Strausses as in neighbouring countries, but it is readily and quite easily available. Across the border, in Switzerland, LPG is harder to come by, but the number of stations is still sufficient.
An LPG station in Austria© gazeo.comLPG pumps are often included in multifuel stations, but sometimes they stand alone, too, like this one

According to reliable sources, there are 61 autogas retailing stations there and the coupling standard is the Italian dish. If you look at the map, you will see that stations are spread quite evenly across the country, especially along borders. This is natural for a country whose vast portion of surface is taken up by the Alps (particularly in central Austria). Autogas retailers are concentrated near the borders with Czech, Slovakia and Hungary, so if your aim is to use the Alpine country as a transitory one on your way to the Balkans or Italy, you are in a good position. And finding the cheaper fuel should not be difficult, as it is called either LPG or autogas.

When it comes to prices, LPG is around 0,8 euro/l, while petrol is 1,37 euro/l. For comparison, diesel is 1,31 euro/l. If you need maps giving specific locations of stations, you will find them at ÖVFG's (Austrian LPG Association's) and Austrian BP subsidiary's websites.

A map of LPG stations in Switzerland© autogas24.chLPG stations in Switzerland. Apparently, they can sometimes be few and far between

Even though, apart from renowned watches, cheese and chocolate, the Swiss used to produce their own LPG systems (under the brand name BDM, now relocated to Holland), autogas is a bit of a rarity, although with 114 stations it is formally almost twice as common as in Austria. According to other sources, there are only 52 retailers, most of them located in the country's North. It could happen that you will see none driving through other parts os Switzerland and it might not always be very reasonable to take longer routes just to be able to buy autogas.

According to the sources we used, the price of autogas in Switzerland is 1,02 CHF (0,82 euro/l), while petrol is priced at 1,81 CHF (1,46 euro/l). Be aware that the Swiss use the ACME coupling standard and autogas may sometimes be called GPL ot flüssiggas. For a list of stations go here and for a map – here.


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