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Number of CNG cars in Austria grows by 12,5%

Across 2014 in Austria nearly 970 vehicles powered with natural gas were registered, most of them (two thirds) in Tirol, Upper Austria and Vienna. While 970 isn't too many, it still means improvement for the small Alpine country.
Thumbs up for CNG in Austria© ErdgasautosAustria's NGV market is small, but grows dynamically

Natural gas as motor fuel is on the up in Austria. Both individual and corporate users go the safe, clean and money-saving CNG way more and more often these days. All in all there are over 9300 natural gas-powered cars in Austria today. 966 of them were registered in 2014, for most part passenger cars. Compared to 2013, when there were 858 registrations, this means a 12,5 percent rise.

Approximately one new CNG car in every three was registered in Tirol (303 cars overall). In Upper Austria and Vienna there were 152 and 151 respectively. Regarding growth rates, the 2014 sales list is topped by the region of Carinthia, with twice as many cars sold as in 2013. Second best comes Tirol (+47% compared to 2013) and the third spot goes to Vorarlberg (+43%).

Passenger cars accounted for 75% (788 examples) of all NGVs sold in Austria in 2014. The remaining 25% were light- to medium-duty vans and trucks. Passenger cars enjoyed a particularly strong hike in demand – almost 26%, from 628 examples the previous year. However, registrations of CNG-powered commercial vehicles dropped by 18% (178 vehicles).


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