GasShow 2014 - after day one

The first day of the GasShow fair is over. Once again the event goes to show the potential still waiting to be untapped in terms of alternative gaseous fuels. And not just in Poland, where the GasShow is held.

Good to know

As usual, gazeo is the GasShow's major media partner.

Make sure you visit gazeo's stand during this year's GasShow.

Poland is a major autogas market in Europe and the world, so no wonder some of that country's manufacturers have gone global, supplying their products to certain very distant locations. This is why one of the LPG/CNG/LNG sector's most important events, at least of those held in Europe, takes place in Warsaw, Poland's capital.

The first day of the GasShow saw the fair itself and its side events garner remarkable interest, attracting numerous representatives of LPG/CNG/LNG-related companies. Individual users of gas-fuelled cars (including prospective ones) were obviously also there, asking for conversion details and sharing their experience.

Still to come today is the After Party, during which the prestigious INPRO 2014 award ceremony will take place. Check back tomorrow to find out who took the awards home this year.


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Piotr Złoty
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