GasShow 2014 over, INPRO 2014 awarded

The 2014 edition of the international GasShow fair, Europe's major gaseous alternative fuel sector's event is now history. Here's a brief summary, along with a list of the INPRO award laureates.

Good to know

Like in the previous years, gazeo was the GasShow's major media partner

Year by year, the GasShow becomes a more renowned event. The list of exhibitors, each time including a larger number of global LPG/CNG/LNG-related companies, only goes to show this.

The annual competition, culminating in the INPRO award ceremony, also garners more attention by the year. The number of statuettes presented this year definitely confirms the trend. The 2014 INPRO winners are:

1. In the Automotive LPG/CNG system category:

  • AC – for the Perfect LPG/CNG system: The best of STAG – Made in Poland,
  • Alex – for the Ultra 360° filter,
  • Auto-Gaz Centrum – for the Zenit Pro Direct system,
  • Elpigaz – for the Stella 4DPI 6/8 cylinders,
  • Europegas – for the new generation of LPG/CNG injectors – EG 2000,
  • Europegas – for the Oscar 32 OBD ECU,
  • KME – for the innovative Nevo Pro (OBD) ECU,
  • LPGTECH – for the TECH-X3X OBD LBR ECU series,
  • LPGTECH – for the TECH DRAGON LPG/CNG injectors,
  • Palacar – for the KR3 reducer series,
  • Prins Autogassystemen – for the VSI-2.0 DI system,
  • Prins Autogassystemen – for the Direct LiquiMax-2.0 system,
  • STAKO/Worthington Cylinders – for the ASME-compliant toroidal LPG tank,
  • VERSUSGAS – for the VR-C "Tauro” reducer,
  • Vialle Alternative Fuel Systems – for the LiquidSi system.

2. In the Marketing category:

  • Integra – for the Integra WebKatalog 5.0, including mobile version,
  • PIMOT (Automotive Industry Institute) – for the best promotion of CNG and LNG as motor fuels in Poland.

3. In the Fuel additives category:

  • ERC Additiv – for the ERC DI-GasLube-Performance Additive,
  • Flashlube – for the Valve Saver Fluid.

4. In the Innovation and development category:

  • LPGTECH – for the LPGTECH GASDROID mobile app,
  • Xperion Energy & Environment – for the xperion X-STORE composite CNG tank technology.

Check back soon for a full coverage of the 2014 GasShow!


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