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Gas Turkey 2015 - we know the date

The Gas Turkey fair has been postponed to April 2015, but as we wrote earlier the specific date was unknown. Now we've found a precise date has been set for the event and it won’t actually take place in April after all...

As promised, we would like to inform you, our readers, about the date of the Gas Turkey fair as soon as we've learned it  and so here it is – the major LPG/CNG/LNG event will take place in Istanbul, Turkey, between May 7-10, 2015.

Gas Turkey, organized by Senexpo International Fairs Incorporated, is going to bring the leaders of the industry together for the 7th time at the CNR Expo Center. Turkey is ranked 2nd in using autogas in the world and 1st in Europe, so it is a prospective market for manufacturers from many countries. Organisers expect an exceptionally high turnout of visitors.

In May all the primary autogas system and component producers from all over the world will present new technologies and products: LPG-, CNG-, LNG-powered vehicles and their alternative fuel systems, equipment and systems for autogas refuelling stations, LPG/CNG/LNG conversion kits and other.


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