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AutoGas & Natural Gas Expo 2015 postponed

The Greek LPG/CNG sector fair we announced, AutoGas & Natural Gas Expo 2015, originally set to begin in Athens on February 27, has been postponed by the organisers. Why so and what is the new date? Read on to find out!
AutoGas & Natural Gas Expo 2015© AIR Media ExhibitionsIt's all Greek to you? Read our text and it will become instantly clear

The fair has been postponed (not cancelled!) at – as the organisers say – the exhibitors' own request. Why would exhibitors, who already enrolled in the event, request holding it at another date? Well, first of all because the until-recently-valid date (February 27-March 1) seemed too close to the long announced date of the GasShow fair in Warsaw, Poland, an event enjoying much more esteem internationally than the AutoGas & Natural Gas Expo.

Moreover, between April 17-19, when the event is set to ultimately take place, another fair – the Auto Repair & Care Expo 2015 – will run simultaneously at the same venue (the Peristeri Exhibition Centre in Athens). Which means that instead of losing exhibitors and visitors to the GasShow held in another country, the AutoGas & Natural Gas Expo may benefit from an event running alongside. Good choice, we'd say. So let's mark our calendars and hope the date doesn't change again. But just in case keep visiting the official website for updates.

Until today there are about 40 exhibitors (90% from Greece and10% from abroad). After changing the dates and based on the inquiries we already have, we expect the number of exhibitors from abroad to triple.

Athanasio Angelou, Event Manager


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