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GasShow 2015 - this is the end

GasShow 2015 - this is the end ©

The 2015 edition of the GasShow fair is now officially over. Now it's time to say farewell to all exhibitors and hope to see them again next year. In the following days we'll be busy covering this major event of the LPG/CNG/LNG world.
ADVERT's stand at the 2015 GasShow© gazeo.comOur coffee was said to be the best at the fair. Do you agree?

Judging ad hoc by what we've seen already, the industry is doing just fine, contrary to some opinions voiced recently. This is partially because autogas remains most affordable in approx. six years and petrol keeps getting more expensive. New products displayed at the 2015 GasShow just go to confirm the sector is in good condition – system and component manufacturers watch the market carefully and are flexible in addressing its needs quickly.

From our point of view, the GasShow is a cornucopia of information. This is because we can meet everybody and see all the new products in one place and time, with the opportunity to ask all the necessary questions on the spot. And believe us we have asked a lot, so be ready for a detailed coverage early next week. All the premieres will be there, so don't miss out! And see you there at GasShow 2016!


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