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Lancia Ypsilon - LPG and CNG on botox

Lancia is but a shadow of its former self – the legendary brand has been reduced to offer a rebadged Chrysler Voyager and a Fiat Punto-based Ypsilon supermini. Before it actually falls into oblivion, the company has given the latter a mid-life makeover.
Lancia Ypsilon MY 2016© LanciaThe "Ivory Chic" paintjob is one of the most easily noticeable changes of the 2016 Ypsilon. The interior has been revamped, too

The changes introduced aren't exactly revolutionary, but they couldn't be – Lancia is bound to be reduced to a single-country, single-model brand, with line-up limited to the Ypsilon offered in Italy only, so the facelift is all it could be: a touch-up. True, the modifications are easily noticeable – the front bumper and the radiator grille have been remodeled – but that's just putting a fresh layer of makeup on an otherwise aging face as the headlights still sport the same shape. Some may argue the Ypsilon's design was already so good that it didn't need any serious interventions (and it's actually true), but others will point out the changes have been limited to keep the cost of the makeover down. It's your call.

The low-cost option seems to be supported by the fact that the engine line-up has been carried over untouched from the pre-facelift Ypsilon. But that's actually a good thing, since the car's both petrol engines – the 1,2-litre Fire four-pot and the two-cylinder 0,9-litre TwinAir turbo – had been offered with LPG and CNG systems, respectively. And so they will continue to be – the 69 PS Fire unit, known from Fiat's 500 and Panda models, will be available with an autogas systems, while the 80 PS TwinAir motor (its petrol-only version churns out 85 PS) will have a compressed natural gas option. Fuel bill savings and lower emissions guaranteed! Both the gaseous alternative fuel variants bear the Ecochic moniker and will be offered in select European markets right after the refreshed Ypsilon debuts in Frankfurt later in September 2015.


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