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Lada Vesta CNG sales wrapped up

Since sales of the Vesta CNG commenced in mid-July 2017, 300 examples were sold until mid-November. That's below AvtoVAZ' estimates, but the company hopes to make up for the slow start in 2018 and beyond. Read more past the break!
EcoGas scheme advertisement© AvtoVAZThe EcoGas programme fueled initial sales of the Vesta CNG

It was initially estimated the CNG-powered Vesta (whose gaseous fuel system is provided by BRC) would find 1000 buyers in 2017, although the final, end-year number is now believed to be closer to 600. Undaunted by this, AvtoVAZ, Lada's manufacturer, hopes to market anywhere between 1200 and 2500 of Vestas annually, starting in 2018. According to the company, depending on market demand, a CNG-powered Vesta SW (estate) could also be offered.

Until mid-November 2017, the Vesta CNG was available under the EcoGas scheme, which meant it was cheaper by 140 thousand rubles (approx. 2400 dollars). Now that the car's prices have returned to their regular levels, the methane-powered compact can be had for 749,9 thousand rubles (approx. 12900 dollars) for the entry level model or 864,9 thousand rubles (approx. 14900 dollars) in the Luxe Multimedia trim. These prices make the Vesta CNG the most expensive Lada across AvtoVAZ' entire line-up.

The company is also getting ready to finally launch production and sales of the larger Largus CNG estate (itself a rebadged first-generation Dacia Logan MCV), originally unveiled in 2015. The car is scheduled to hit the assembly line and showrooms in the second quarter of 2018.


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