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1,0 TGI engine shown in Vienna

Volkswagen wastes no opportunity to improve its public image after the Dieselgate scandal. There's an onslaught of EVs planned from 2020 onwards, but for the time being compressed natural gas is becoming a serious alternative.
Volkswagen 1,0 TGI engine© Volkswagen90 PS of power per 1 litre of displacement isn't a particular feat, but the engine's ultra-low emissions are

As we reported previously, the latest addition to Volkswagen methane engine lineup is the three-cylinder 1,0 TGI unit, which will first be used under the bonnet of the latest Seat Ibiza. Not only is this going to be the first ever CNG-powered Ibiza, but also the first VW Group B-segment car running on natural gas – there have been methane variants of the up!, Citigo and Mii triplets, Golf, Leon, A3 and Octavia compacts and A4/A5 Sportback D-segment premium cars from Audi, but as far as superminis are concerned, this will be treading on uncharted territory.

The 1,0 TGI engine was presented during the 2017 Engine Symposium in Vienna. The unit generates 90 PS of power, but more importantly emits very little carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides when running on methane. Changing the fuel was not the only way to achieve this – an advanced, innovative catalytic converter was used. It makes use of the so-called "lambda split" process, which means the converter reaches optimal working temperature quicker than usual, thus reducing emissions as soon as possible after a cold start.

Apart from the new Ibiza, the new 1,0 TGI unit will find its way to the engine bay of the soon to be unveiled 2018 Volkswagen Polo. As far as Skoda Fabia is concerned, there is no confirmation as yet, but given the fact that the Ibiza is the first supermini in the VW Group built on the new MQB-A0 modular platform, it's possible the Fabia will not benefit from a CNG variant until a new generation debuts a few years from now. A methane-powered next-generation Audi A1 is also considered.


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