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Iveco reinvents the Eurocargo CNG

Iveco has just turned 40 and anniversaries are always good opportunities to refresh the line-up or introduce new products altogether. The Italian marque has chosen the former path by presenting improved iterations of its trucks, including the Eurocargo.
Iveco Eurocargo 2015© IvecoIn Italy even trucks are good-looking...

It's only been two years since Iveco introduced Euro-6-compliant versions of the Eurocargo, but now the city delivery truck is set to become "even more stylish, sustainable, safer, more comfortable, more efficient and more manoeuvrable”. Under the restyled cabin lies a 210 PS, 750 Nm version of the 6-litre Tector engine running on compressed natural gas to deliver outstanding environmental performance.

More specifically, methane-powered Eurocargos spew out 10% less carbon dioxide (CO2), 35% less nitrogen oxides (NOX) and a whopping 95% less particulate matter than their equivalents running on diesel fuel. This means the gas-powered Eurocargo complies with Euro 6 step C requirements and is allowed to enter areas otherwise restricted to motor vehicles. And last but not least, the CNG variant is much quieter and thus much better suited for night-time city duties.

Our new Eurocargo is the truck that the city likes. A vehicle that has something to be appreciated by everyone: cities like it because it is sustainable, owners like it because it is efficient and has a low total cost of ownership (TCO), drivers like it because it’s a true “office on wheels” – comfortable and multi-functional, easy to handle and ergonomic to work in.

Pierre Lahutte, Iveco Brand President


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