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CNG ploughs snow in Canada

Oxford County in Ontario, Canada, has unleashed snow ploughs fitted on a Freightliner 114SD CNG-powered truck. Never before have such vehicles been used in Canada. We mean CNG-powered as we're sure they're ploughed snow in the past...

Anytime you can introduce a Canadian-first, especially something as iconic as a snow plow, it is really a special achievement. Our roads crews are excited to begin using this new technology to see how it performs under the harsh winter conditions. These vehicles receive heavy use and that’s why it is so important to try and mitigate the environmental impact of our fleet.

Melissa Abercrombie, Manager of Engineering Services, Oxford County Public Works

Freightliner 114SD CNG-powered snow plough in Oxford County, Ontario, Canada© FreightlinerJudging by the weather, the vehicle won't have much work just yet...

Proven CNG technology

The Freightliner 114SD is the perfect basis for a heavy-duty snow plough to be used in and around the city. The vehicle features a Cummins Westport ISL G methane-powered engine displacing 8,9 l. Back-of-the-cabin CNG pressure vessels have a gross capacity of 227 l and hold 54 m3 of gaseous fuel compressed to 200 bar.

Simply the best

The Cummins ISL G unit is a spark-ignition engine, running on CNG alone, with no use of petrol or diesel whatsoever. Not only is it clean and relatively inexpensive to operate, it is also technologically simple (e.g. exhaust gasses are treated in a regular three-way catalytic converter), which drives maintenance costs down. Fleet operators, now including Oxford County Public Works, like that!


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