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CNG buses in Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City’s People Committee approved the plan to buy 300 CNG buses in 2014. Vehicles will be manufactured by Sai Gon Transportation Mechanical Corporation (SAMCO).
A Vietnamese-built Hyundai Super Aero City bus© Saigon-gpdailyThe first CNG-powered bus in Vietnam, manufactured at SAMCO plant (Hyundai Super Aero City)

The project, which will be completed in 2015, will cost $6 million (130 billion VND – Vietnamese dong). New gas buses will gradually replace the currently used diesel-powered vehicles.

SAMCO manufactured their first CNG bus in April 2013. Created in collaboration with Hyundai and based on the chassis of Super Aero City bus, it’s a typical 12-meter-long city bus. But unlike European vehicles, it has a high floor. Under the floor there’s space for CNG tanks. These are type II tanks, steel, braided with reinforced composites (FRPFiber Reinforced Plastic). The bus manufactured by SAMCO is labeled as City H.75 CNG.

7 CNG tanks are used with capacity of 813 liters, but there’s an option of adding another tank, which increases capacity to 932 or even 1051 liters. Gas is stored under pressure of 20 MPa.

The bus is powered by a spark ignition Hyundai C6AB gas engine, which with displacement of 11,149 liters provides 290 hp at 2200 rpm and has maximum torque of 1100 Nm, which is achieved at 1400 rpm.

Currently, there are 30 CNG-powered buses on the streets of Ho Chi Minh – the largest city in southern Vietnam. This number includes 21 Hyundai vehicles imported from South Korea, which are operated by the Sai Gon Passenger Transport Company. Another 7 of such buses are owned by another city transport operator – HCM City Bus Co-operative Alliance.


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