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Autogas Transit saga continues

First we announced an autogas-powered version of the Ford Transit is in the works. Then we informed the car has been shelved indefinitely, but here comes yet another instalment of the saga – the van will be developed after all, although by a different company.
Ford Transit LPG by Blossman Services© Blossman ServicesWhere there's a will, there's a way - the LPG Transit will come to life after all

As we previously reported, Roush CleanTech abandoned the project, citing economic viability concerns arising among fleet operators. Now it turns out the people over at Blossman Services haven't heard of these concerns as the company is deep into development of Transit running on LPG instead of petrol. Blossman may not be a Ford Qualified Vehicle Modifier like Roush is, but they sure know their job, since they're the managing member of national clean vehicle and fuel provider Alliance AutoGas.

The conversion will begin testing in December 2014 and EPA certification is expected soon after, in January 2015. Once it's obtained, the car will instantly hit the market, so if everything goes as planned, the car should be available long before the planned Roush version, which was originally scheduled for late 2016. Blossman Services converts the Transit's 3,7-litre V6 engine with a Prins VSI system and uses a 21-gallon (approx. 80-litre) autogas tank that they say in no way compromises the van's cargo capacity.


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