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Roush CleanTech to offer medium-duty LPG Fords

While it's hardly news at all that Roush CleanTech converts Fords to run on LPG, there's news in the modifier's announcement of impending launch of the Blue Oval's medium-duty models featuring the 6,8 l V8 engine. Appropriate CARB certifications have just been obtained.
Ford F-Series Super Duty pick-up truck© FordA 6,8-litre V8 engine is a thirsty one, but doesn't have to be expensive to run

Having obtained the CARB (California Air Resources Board) certification, Roush CleanTech can now offer conversions for the following 2012-2015 model year Ford medium-duty trucks and vans: E-450, F-450, F-550, F-650, F-53 and F-59. More importantly, though, the vehicles can be offered in all 50 states of the USA. This is the first example of such certification being granted to a company making autogas conversions.

Even though the new CARB certification is for retrofit autogas system applications, Roush CleanTech continues to offer a broad range of (also CARB-certified) liquid state autogas injection systems for Ford's brand new cars, as the company is a Ford Official Vehicle Modifier. Conversions are done outside of the Blue Oval's facilities, but 100% Ford-approved, so trucks and vans bought at dealerships can run on autogas from kilometre one.


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