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Westport iCE Pack is a cryogenic LNG tank designed for commercial vehicles with spark ignition engines. It ensures greater driving range, shorter refueling time and extended storage time of LNG in condensed form.
Westport iCE Pack© WestportTytuł zdjęcia A hydraulic drive unit used in Westport iCE Pack and a driver's cabin-mounted display screen to show LNG level

Solutions used in the iCE Pack prolong LNG storage time in tanks from 5 to 10 days. The tank was equipped with a number of sensors monitoring fuel pressure, and a pump supplying LNG to the engine. Due to this, iCE Pack always supplies enough fuel for maximum engine performance, unlike in the case of other solutions when pressure in the tank is responsible for supplying LNG to the engine. In such tanks, pressure drops as fuel is consumed, so not enough fuel is delivered to the engine. It’s not the case with the Westport iCE Pack. Even after a short use, the LNG tank pressure goes down (it’s lower than at filling stations) which speeds up refueling (it’s three times faster as compared to CNG) and doesn’t cause the gas to flow from the tank to a fuel pump at a station. As a result, it is possible to refill with LNG regardless of air temperature.

A single LNG tank used in iCE Pack 120 with a capacity of 120 gallons (454 l) is equivalent to a diesel oil tank with a capacity of 60 gallons (227 l), but it’s smaller. Westport’s tank holds up as much gaseous fuel, as three tanks for compressed gas, while being about 600 kg lighter.

Westport offers their iCE Pack in four sizes, each with different LNG tank capacity:

  • iCE Pack 120 featuring a 120 gallon (454 l) LNG tank (equivalent to a 60 gallons diesel oil tank),
  • iCE Pack 190 equipped with 2 LNG tanks with capacities of 120 and 70 gallons (719 l – equivalent to a 95 gallon diesel oil tank),
  • iCE Pack 220 with 2 LNG tanks with capacities of 120 and 100 gallons (833 l – equivalent of a 110 gallon diesel oil tank),
  • iCE Pack 240 with 2 LNG tanks with capacities of 120 each (908 l – equivalent to a 120 gallon diesel oil tank).

Westport iCE Pack modules are covered by a 2-year warranty limited by maximum mileage of 250 thousand miles (402 thousand km).


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