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Opel Crossland X - with growth hormone

The van extinction process continues. Icons of the segment, Renaults Espace and Scenic, have been spiced up to taste more crossover-like and the Opel Meriva is getting replaced by a softroader altogether. One thing remains the same: factory LPG conversion.
Opel Crossland X LPG© OpelClearly an Opel at first glance, the Crossland X also has style of its own

Fashion is one thing, but Opel wants to make sure buyers of their cars don't lose the opportunity to cut their fuel bills in half with autogas. This is why the brand new Crossland X, replacing the Meriva and slotting between the recently refreshed Mokka X and the Astra in the German carmaker's lineup, will be offered with an LPG system straight from the showroom.

The Rüssselsheim company, although profficient in the applied science of downsizing, keeps MPI engines alive for autogas applications. And even though Opel hasn't revealed any specs regarding the Crossland's powerplant, we're ready to bet the car will feature the proven 1,4-litre, 140 PS turbocharged unit we already know from LPG-powered variants of the Astra, Insignia and Zafira.

Since we don't know the technical details, it's way too early to speak of prices. However, we've grown accustomed to the fact that Opel's factory conversions aren't exactly cheap. True, you get a tailored product, with trip computer taking both fuels into account and an LPG switch that is just a button neatly composed into the centre console, but you need to drive quite a lot to convince your common sense to spend as much as Opel demands. Still, even an overpriced autogas system is cheaper that a Diesel engine!


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