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© ACT Expo / This car you may actually know from - this is the Chevrolet Impala CNG poprzednie następne

ACT Expo 2014 - one comprehensive event

FLESZ ACT Expo 2014 - one comprehensive event © ACT Expo

ACT Expo 2014, the largest alternative fuel-themed event in the US, this time co-located with NGV Global 2014, took place in Long Beach, California, in early May. All the green technologies and all sorts of vehicles were there. Enjoy a virtual tour with us!
ACT Expo and NGV Global 2014© ACT ExpoThe ACT Expo is a truly comprehensive event. If only it could go global...

Vehicles running on LPG, compressed and liquiefied natural gas, hydrogen, alcohol or electric energy plus hybrids and diesels (still seen as an alternative for petrol in the US for anything smaller than heavy-duty trucks) – all environmentally friendly technologies were properly represented in Long Beach. Pretty much like approximately 100 years ago, when the automobile was young and few people knew the Otto engine would prevail as its primary spiritus movens, so today various fuels and drivetrain technologies battle for their role in the future automotive world. Will gaseous fuels be only a link between today's petrol- and diesel-fueled cars and tomorrow's EV's and fuel-cell technology? That we can't determine for certain, so we're glad all the available solutions were there on the floor of the 2014 ACT Expo. Browse through the gallery to see them!


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