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NGV Europe Conference & Exhibition

The 3rd Annual Natural Gas Vehicles Europe Conference & Exhibition is coming to Amsterdam this November. Before it starts, we took the opportunity to talk to Jessica Allen about what to expect there. And about NGVs in general, too.
ADVERT NGV market is still a developing one. How would you characterize the condition of this industry?
Jessica Allen: The European NGV market is in the midst of a transformation. The last five years have seen natural gas vehicle technology mature rapidly, more and more models are now available to be fuelled with natural gas. The infrastructure networks continue to develop across the continent, with the EU Commission designating set targets for and most importantly more and more transport and logistics companies as well as major European distributors realise the potential of NGVs to reduce emissions and cut costs, and make the switch.

The industry is set to develop even further as Europe continues to prioritise the environment and seek ways to reduce the reliance on oil.

The NGV Europe Conference & Expo is a good opportunity to share experience and opinions about the market and industry. Who will take part in this year's event? Which countries will be represented?
We have over 30 speakers from across Europe – including representatives from Sweden, the UK, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Germany, Russia, Poland, Belgium, Italy and many more.
We have key figures from across the industry – regulators from the European Commission, gas associations, gas suppliers, gas producers, vehicle manufacturers, equipment suppliers and most importantly the leading transport and logistics companies operating in Europe – like UPS, DHL, Transportes Monfort, Nestlé and many more.

The support of the European Commission and national governments is important for the development of the NGV segment. Will there be representatives of the European Commission, policy makers or people responsible for transport present at the event?
Daniela Rosca, Head of the Clean Transport and Sustainable Urban Mobility Unit at the European Commission will give an update on the TEN-T infrastructure project and the EU outlook for natural gas vehicles.

We also have representatives from the UK, Swedish, German and Netherlands policy leaders speaking on the progress and future of NGVs in their nations.

Whom would you like to encourage to participate in the conference?
Fleet operators who are looking for natural gas solutions can meet their suppliers and hear what they have to offer as well as hear from fleets with experience using NGVs.

Gas suppliers and utilities can hear best practice for how to tap the NGV market and meet potential customers.

Vehicle manufacturers and equipment suppliers can interact with customers and hear what their competition are doing, plus meet with their suppliers and form partnerships.

The conference agenda is quite extensive. What is the conference's purpose?
We expect that business partnerships formed at this event will develop to ensure that fleet operators can meet with suppliers and understand the full picture to start making the switch to natural gas for their business.

The conference is just one part of the event. It also includes a comprehensive exhibition. Who will take part in it? What will be shown?
Exhibitors in 2014 and in previous years include equipment suppliers, gas suppliers, gas producers, associations and media partners. For a full breakdown, see the website.

How many exhibitors, participants and visitors do you expect this year?
We are expecting the event to include around 250 - 300 participants, 30+ speakers and we have capacity for 10-15 exhibitors.

What topics will be discussed during the event ? Taxes? Technologies? Regulations?
Some of this year's highlights include:

  • Fleet case studies: Hear from fleets like UPS, DHL and KBC Logistics about their real-life NGV experience and develop business with fleets and major shipping companies looking for NGV solutions;
  • OEM – Vehicles and engines: Vehicle and engine manufacturers share investment strategy and roll-out plans for Euro VI;
  • Refuelling infrastructure: Status update from leading developers on how they are expanding the European natural gas network;
  • Regulatory perspective: Understand the European Commission outlook, as well as gaining insight into standardisation for natural gas refuelling and service infrastructure;
  • Form Strategic Partnerships: with the leading organisations and companies from across the NGV value chain in Europe to secure the finance, purchases and business partners you need for project success.

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