WLPGA's new logo - evolution not revolution

As with any corporate logo, WLPGA wants its logo to reflect the values of the association and to give the association recognition on a sub-conscious level. However, the logo should also portray the image the association needs it to today.
WLPGA's refreshed logo© WLPGALooks familiar, yet the refresh is easily noticeable. And that's exactly the point!

Whilst the old logo was far from inadequate, WLPGA felt that a new, more modern look was needed to show members, partners and the industry as a whole that WLPGA is serious about keeping current and relevant. The idea was to maintain the common themes yet give the logo a subtle upgrade and not lose any brand loyalty, identity or recognition.

WLPGA felt the logo could benefit from some attention – an evolution, not revolution – a new spin on the current logo to maintain the significant goodwill and brand awareness already built but conveying a new look. The association worked to address some of the main concerns on the former logo: the graphic shape and font were very old fashioned, WLPGA was used rather than the lengthy World LP Gas Association to save "white space" and enhance the visual impact and, last but definitely not least, a world graphic that showed Asia was introduced. It's a major market yet the continent was missing on the former image.

The new logo was agreed at the most recent WLPGA Industry Council meeting in Cartagena, Colombia in January and is now being rolled out to WLPGA members and the wider LPG community.


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