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Scania France features gas vehicles

In October 2014 Scania France will commence a promotion scheme for gas-powered trucks made by the Swedish brand in a number of French cities. The programme will be held under the motto Les Rencontres gaz Scania.
Les Rencontres gaz Scania logo© Scania FranceLogo of the Les Rencontres gaz Scania promotional scheme

Meetings with gas-powered Scania (that's what Les Rencontres gaz Scania literally stands for) will be held in ten French cities and their purpose is to promote the advantages of using NGV's – natural gas-powered vehicles, in this case trucks. Scania addresses the programme to both present and future users of their vehicles, to get them acquainted with CNG and LNG (compressed and liquefied natural gas) fuel technology.

Les Rencontres gaz Scania is also an opportunity for the Swedish brand's French importer to showcase the progress achieved in the natural gas-powered vehicle sector in terms of changing regulations. Apart from Scania itself, CNG and LNG technology suppliers will also participate in the meetings. Methane-powered vehicles will be featured in detail, so everyone interested will have the chance to learn about the vehicles' (trucks' and buses') specifications and capabilities. A visit to the Scania Production Angers facility is also an option to see how Scania vehicles are assembled in France.


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