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© Chevrolet / This kind of bodywork is as typical of the USA as 5,7-litre V8 engines poprzednie następne
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Silverado 3500HD CNG - Chevy under pressure

Silverado 3500HD CNG - Chevy under pressure © Chevrolet

The number of American pick-up trucks making alliances with CNG seems to be going nowhere but up. Here's another one that has chosen to join the methane side of power – the Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD Chassis Cab.

Customers, mostly fleet ones, have the choice of rear- and all-wheel drive configurations, but as far as the cabin is converned, the choice is limited to paint job and equipment level, since the Silverado CNG is only offered in standard, single cab variant. However, many potential buyers of the truck don't seem to mind.

A chassis cab configuration is the bread and butter of our fleet and the vehicle we rely on to service customer homes. The turnkey bi-fuel option offered by Chevrolet allows us to reduce our carbon footprint while giving us the fueling flexibility and range we need to keep drivers on the road servicing customers.

Tony Orta, Strategy & Maintenance manager at Southern California Gas

Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD CNG Chassis Cab© ChevroletYou've seen one Silverado, you've seen them all...

The truck's petrol system, with an 88,9-litre fuel tank, remains intact, but now it is paired with a compressed natural gas fuel system featuring a 92,7 l gross capacity high-pressure cylinder. The thing is, the tank is right behind the cabin – that's why there's only one cab variant available. Moreover, the cylinder poses some limitations when it comes to coachbuilding. Why didn't Chevrolet place the cylinder (or cylinders) on the frame profiles or the rear overhang? We dare not guess, but since this back-of-the-cab configuration hasn't been changed compared to Chevrolet's previous CNG-powered pick-up trucks, apparently customers are fine with it.


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