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Ram 2500 CNG range expands

More CNG-powered variants of the Ram 2500 pick-up trucks are coming to the market. To meet strong demand, the manufacturer announced introduction of new body styles and drivetrain options at the NTEA Work Truck Show.
Ram 2500 CNG© RamCNG tanks are mounted inside the cargo bed. Maybe the next generation will have them fitted to the underbody for greater cargo capacity

The CNG-powered Ram 2500 is a bi-fuel vehicle, giving drivers more confidence and no range anxiety – once compressed methane is out, the pick-up truck just goes on using petrol. Customers can choose between 8- and 35-gallon (30- and 133-litre) petrol tanks, so that they can decide if they want as little petrol used as possible (with more CNG instead) or if they need greater autonomy regardless of the fuel type.

As for the new configurations, the new Ram 2500 CNG will include a regular cab and rear-wheel drive as options. The engine will remain the same, though – a 5,7-litre Hemi V8, with redesigned cylinder head, valves and valve seats, reprogrammed engine ECU as well as spark plugs unique to this model. The new variants are expected on the market before the end of 2015.

CNG tanks – installed in the truck's bed, thus unfortunately limiting cargo space – hold a petrol equivalent of 18,2 gallons, which means the Ram 2500 can travel up to 301 miles (approx. 480 km) on compressed gas only. Once the cleaner fuel is out, the petrol tank provides up to 665 more miles (1064 km) of autonomy without refueling. The trucks come with 5-year, 100 thousand-mile (160 thousand-km) powertrain limited warranty.


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