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Ram 1500 Rebel LPG - rebel with a cause

Even though Ram themselves may not know it, their 1500 Rebel pick-up is now available in Europe with an autogas conversion. It comes thanks to GeigerCars, a German tuning company also specialised in importing otherwise unavailable American cars to Europe.
Ram 1500 Rebel LPG by GeigerCars© GeigerCarsLPG doesn't make the car any less rebellious, but it does make the fuel bills much less revolting

The Ram 1500 Rebel, a competitor to the Ford F-150 Raptor, is an old-school pick-up, motivated by a 5,7-litre V8 engine good for 401 PS and mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission. While over in the US petrol is cheap again and sales of small and subcompact cars stall, Europeans aren't as willing to feed the thirsty monster, so GeigerCars offers the car with an optional LPG conversion. But that's not the only thing they've added...

The Rebel comes standard with a one-inch suspension lift over the standard 1500 and coil-over rear suspension, plus air suspension as an extra option. The German tuners offer a roll bar mounted on the bed and an LED light bar on the cabin's roof. But that's not all still – to make the car announce its statement even more clearly, GeigerCars equipped the angry pick-up with 20” rims with 35” heavy duty off-road tires.

The mods don't come cheap – if you choose to have them all installed on your Rebel, including the LPG system, you'll have to add 17000 to the car's starting price of 64000 dollars. Luckily, thanks to the much more affordable fuel (in Europe, LPG autogas is typically retailed at roughly half the price of petrol, sometimes even less than that) you'll be able to receive some of this hefty premium back over time. Of course, LPG won't make finding space to park this whale of a car any easier, but that's another story...


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