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Opel Adam 1,4 LPG ecoFlex - let's grow!

Opel Adam 1,4 LPG ecoFlex - let's grow! © Opel

Back in March we informed you that Opel had announced plans to introduce a factory-converted LPG-powered version of its Adam supermini. As much as it remains true, the plans have since been revised and now the Adam will receive a bigger, more powerful engine. Which is very good news indeed.
Opel Adam 1,4 LPG ecoFlex© OpelAt first glance, it's just an Adam like any other

Originally, the autogas-sipping Adam was supposed to be powered by a meek 1,2-litre four-pot engine churning out 70 PS. That's probably enough for a city car, but when you buy a car designed to compete with the Mini, enough just isn't good enough. So now that the car has actually been officially launched, it's been equipped with a 1,4-litre, 87-PS motor instead (with reinforced valves and valve seats). That's bound to make the Adam more lively on the road, but the running costs will still be kept down with the help of LPG.

According to Opel, average autogas consumption is 6,9 l/100 km and CO2 emissions are 112 g/km. This is a considerable hike as compared to petrol, which is consumed at a rate of 5,1 l/100 km. Still, LPG makes a lot of sense financially since it's by half (sometimes more) cheaper than conventional fuel. Saving 50 per cent of the fuel bill may seem like raging optimism on Opel's part (since fuel economy figures are so much different), but slashing the spendings by some 40 per cent gives the diesel a run for its money anyway. Or it would, since the model is not offered with an oil-burning mill.

Opel Adam 1,4 LPG ecoFlex - refueling with autogas© OpelThe major difference is revealed when it comes to refueling

The LPG tank holds 35 l of the cheaper and greener fuel and is mounted under the floor in the rear, thus not limiting boot capacity (which is by nature limited to 170 l). Since fuel economy is just below 7 l/100 km, single-tank range should be slightly above 500 km, which is more than decent for an autogas-powered vehicle. The LPG system is well integrated into the car, with the fuel type switch as one of the buttons on the instrument panel and a fuel level indicator displaying both. The Adam LPG ecoFlex is priced from 16150 euros in Germany and is the seventh Opel available with a factory conversion to autogas, following the Agila, Corsa, Meriva, Astra, Zafira Tourer and Insignia.


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