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Lada Largus CNG - the internationale

In the beginning there was Renault. Then they took over Dacia and made the Logan MCV. And even later they made a joint-venture with AvtoVAZ and the Lada Largus, essentially a rebadged Logan MCV, came to be. But that's not all.
Lada Largus CNG in taxi livery© kolesa.ruIf you've seen a Dacia Logan MCV, you can say you've seen a Lada Largus, but the CNG version will actually be a rare sight, at least for now

Once the Logan MCV became the Largus, AvtoVAZ signed a memorandum of cooperation with Gazprom, a company producing and marketing natural gas, to prepare a CNG-powered variant of the car to serve as a taxi. But even that's not all. Another entity involved in the project is ATS service, a company actually converting the vehicles. A pilot batch of 300 cars is underway and one of them has been presented recently at the III International Eurasian Forum "TAXI” in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The idea is to expand the range of NGVs available in Russia by adding a CNG-powered version of the Largus. It may be the perfect choice for a taxi, but also a spacious, affordable and cheap to run family car, with plenty of passenger space and vast cargo area. Technical details are scarce, but it has been announced that buyers of the car will receive free fuel cards to partially offset the CNG-powered Largus' higher price. The car will initially be offered in selected parts of Russia: St. Petersburg, Rostov region, Nizhny Novgorod region, Kemerovo region, Krasnodar region, Stavropol Territory and the Republic of Bashkortostan. If it proves successful, more examples will be produced and its availability will improve.

Lada Largus CNG is the first national car on natural gas. The choice of the gas model will allow the private car owners to significantly save on fuel, and transport companies to increase the effectiveness of commercial activities.

Dennis Kornienko, deputy commercial director, Gazprom


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