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Lada 4x4 Urban LPG - forever young

Apparently it isn't just Lenin that's eternally alive in Russia – the Lada 4x4, formerly known as the Niva, is doing quite well, too. You can buy a brand new example in Germany – it's recently been facelifted (again!), has some reasonable equipment and an optional Prins autogas system.
Lada 4x4 Urban© AvtoVAZSome things in life are constant and Lada 4x4's looks are among them

A Prins LPG system in a Lada? Some would say the autogas system's brand is way to premium for a car like this, but remember it's much more affordable in Germany than it is in, say, Poland, Ukraine or Turkey, so why not use it to convert a car like the Lada? And Prins doesn't probably mind, either – if the German importer of the Russian cars wishes to fit such autogas systems and customers are willing to pay for them, who cares really? No-one? Great, let's focus on the car then, shall we?

Even though the 4x4 can't hide the fact that it's been around for almost 40 years, Lada managed to update it rather tastefully. Metal bumpers, used for decades, have been replaced with plastic ones, painted to match the bodywork's paintjob, new colours have been added to the range and the front fascia is now adorned by a new grille. Standard and optional trim is also up-to-date and includes power mirrors and windows, heated front seats, reading lights, cup holders and air conditioning. And, of course, LPG systems.

Prices of the Lada 4x4 in Germany start from 11990 euros. It isn't particularly much, but still 1300 euros more than Dacia demands for the Duster. Both are technologically outdated, but compared to the Lada, the Dacia seems like the latest car out there. However, this could soon change, as AvtoVAZ, manufacturer of Ladas, is now owned by the Renault Group, just as the Romanian brand. But that's still in the future. Meanwhile, we find it quite surprising that the demanding German clientele still buys these cars...


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Robert Markowski
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