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© Dacia / Can this car BE any more practical?, Chandler Bing would probably ask poprzednie następne
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Dacia Dokker Embleme LPG - affordable elegance

Dacia Dokker Embleme LPG - affordable elegance © Dacia

To say about Dacia cars that they’re refined and exclusive would be like claiming soda is a kind of champagne. But that doesn’t mean that this budget brand can’t offer its customers something “extra” from time to time, such as additional equipment, while still keeping their cars at the same affordable price.
Dacia Dokker Embleme LPG - three quarters rear view© DaciaLarge cars for relatively small amounts of money are the core of Dacia’s philosophy. A lot of driving for relatively small amounts of money is the main point of using LPG, that’s why Dacia and LPG are so great together

Models offered by the Romanian brand can be purchased in versions so basic it’s really amazing that the standard versions have upholstery on the seats and tires on rims without any additional fees. Of course, it’s possible to buy some extra equipment, but it costs, that’s why limited editions appear from time to time, where those extra paid components are available in standard for less than those same elements would cost when picked out from the list of available extras. This was the principle of creating Dokker Embleme.

The car is based on the 5-door (there’s also a 4-door version available, with a sliding door just to the right of the body) Dokker Lauréate, to which the manufacturer “added” 16-inch alloy wheels, tinted rear windows, center console in black piano style (high gloss), MEDIA NAV navigation and multimedia system, cruise control with speed limiter function, and floor mats made of fabric instead of rubber. Map of Europe has to be bought separately, just like traction control system or metallic paint.

Dacia Dokker Embleme LPG - interior© DaciaA few years ago nobody would expect to see chrome or black painted extras in the interior of a Dacia, but we can see some progress in this field even here

It’s good that the petrol Dokker Embleme is equipped with factory built gas system. The 84 PS, 1.6 liter engine won’t turn Dacia’s LAV into a highway star, but the LPG system will ensure that travelling will be as affordable as it can possibly be. Gas-powered Dokker Embleme costs 51,600 PLN (approx. 12,300 EUR), and we’re giving you the price of the diesel-powered version just so that you know how not profitable it is to buy it. Dokker Embleme dCi will cost you 56,400 PLN (approx. 13,500 EUR) – 4,800 PLN (approx. 1,200 EUR) more than the LPG-powered version. We don’t expect this additional expenditure to ever pay off, so it’s safe to say the autogas-powered model will become quite successful. If you want one, go the company’s showroom as fast as possible, before all that’s left are the models with diesel engine!


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