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Dacia about to conquer France

Under Renault's supervision, Dacia was supposed to become a brand of affordable cars for developing markets. As it turned out, Germans and French also want new cars at the price of three-year-old used ones. And they also expect them to be affordable to run.

As of July 4, 2017, all of Dacia's models can be ordered in France with factory LPG conversions. The line-up currently consists of six models: Sandero, Logan, Logan MCV, Duster, Lodgy and Dokker. The extensiveness of the offer is actually quite superficial, since Sandero, Logan and Logan MCV are all bodystyles of the same car and the Lodgy/Dokker van duo has a lot in common, too, but that's just what it's like with Dacia, so let's not find problems where there aren't any.

Dacia's line-up of LPG-powered cars© DaciaNow you don't have to compromise savings for practicality or the other way round - they can all run on LPG!

More important than bodystyles are engines, though. There are three units used in the above models: TCe 90, SCe 100 and SCe 115, where the numbers stand for power outputs in PS. Conversions are optional, with prices starting from 700 euros and Dacia encourages motorists to choose from the LPG line-up by highlighting all the advantages available in France for buyers of autogas-powered cars, with lower fuel costs being just one of them. Other benefits include: partial or total registration fee break, unlimited and unrestricted access to the centre of Paris and a tax break for corporate buyers (only applicable for the 90 PS models).

Autogas is promoted in France and motorists are encouraged to use the fuel. Dacia sees this as an opportunity to boost its sales and no wonder the brand wants to grab it – having a full line-up of LPG-powered cars, already offered in other markets (including Poland, for instance), Dacia would be unwise not to offer them in a place where the alternative fuel is on its way up in terms of popularity. Especially that French customers have long appreciated the Romanian brand's cars and are starting to appreciate LPG as well. Apparently, the will to spend less on the car itself and then on the fuel to motivate it isn't just typical for people living East of Germany.


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