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© Dacia / The new fascia shows some character poprzednie następne
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Dacia steps on the (auto)gas!

Dacia steps on the (auto)gas! © Dacia

The 2012 International Motor Show in Paris saw Dacia present the new generation of its most popular models – Logan and Sandero. After eight years on the market, the originals give way to more modern and more distinctive successors. And autogas is on the cards again!
Stylistically closer to the Logan than before, the Sandero dares to stand out© DaciaMuch bolder looking, equally attractively priced - the new Dacia Sandero

Styling is not all that is new on Dacia's refreshed superminis. Engine range is up for a makeover too, which means some of the motors offered today will drop out. These include engines until now adapted to run on LPG, but luckily not all of them. In the new Sandero, autogas conversion will be offered with the 1,2-litre, 16V, 75 PS engine, which is also used today in the first generation model. As for the Sandero Stepway, this unit will be replaced with a modern 3-cylinder, 0,9-liter TCe motor, for the time being not planned for autogas conversions.

The TCe engine is a direct-injected one, which makes LPG adaptation more complicated an operation than in the case of MPI-type motors. Obviously, it is technically possible, but since Dacia is a budget-oriented automaker, the brand may not be interested in investing in an expensive technology, at least not immediately. Since autogas is a way of saving on fuel costs popular among Dacia's customers, the option will hopefully become available over time.

The 1,6-litre petrol engine will remain available, although it will no longer be offered with an additional LPG injection system. Due to this, the autogas-powered Logan will not be available immediately after launch, because preparing an LPG conversion for the 1,2-litre, 16V Logan is still in progress. Once it is complete, the car will join the range. Discontinuation of the LPG-powered 1,6-litre motor means that Dacia's latest additions – the Lodgy and Dokker vans – will not benefit from autogas technology, either. Luckily, a new option is being developed, to be released at a later date. We will share the details as soon as they surface, so stay tuned.


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