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Volvo V60 and V70 Bi-Fuel - Belgian premiere

During the 2014, fifth edition of the NGVA Europe International Show & Workshops, this time held in Brussels, Belgium, a number of interesting methane-powered cars were presented, among them two Volvo estates – the V60 and the V70.
Volvo V70 Bi-Fuel© VolvoVolvo V70 Bi-Fuel

The Swedish cars were displayed by Volvo's local dealer – Volvo Sterckx. Philip Vandewalle, president and owner of Volvo Sterckx, while talking to the media during the NGV 2014 event said that the CNG variants of V60 and V70 are already available for order in Belgium. The premiere was not just a static display – both new Bi-Fuel models could be test-driven on the spot by visitors of the Brussels conference.

Both cars can run on compressed fossil-sourced natural gas, renewable biomethane and petrol. Range figures (for gas and petrol combined) are 1120 km for the V60 Bi-Fuel and 1150 km for the V70 Bi-Fuel. Although methane fuels have great environmental record in general, biomethane is particularly potent as an emissions cutter, reducing greenhouse gas emissions (compared to petrol) by as much as 80% on a well-to-wheel basis. CNG systems used on the cars have been developed by the Canadian company Westport.

Belgian NGV market has grown considerably in 2014. In fact, it has doubled recently. We are very happy that Volvo's V60 and V70 Bi-Fuel models, underpinned by Westport's CNG technology, are already available in Belgium.

Patrik Dejve, director, Westport Sweden


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