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Methane-powered New Holland T6.140 tractor

Methane-powered New Holland T6.140 tractor © New Holland

The prototype of a methane-powered New Holland T6.140 Methane Power tractor was presented at Agritechnica 2013. The tractor is already in use at an Italian farm La Bellotta, near Turin.

This tractor fits well into the Clean Energy Leader strategy implemented by New Holland in all activities, including the development of the company’s new products. Clean Energy Leader program helps farmers, e.g. in gaining energy independence. This biomethane-powered New Holland T6.140 Methane Power tractor is one example of that strategy.

New Holland T6.140 Methane Power tractor© New HollandMethane-powered New Holland T6.140 Methane Power tractor

Methane used to power the tractor is produced from biomass – a renewable energy source. It’s produced in a biogas generator located at the farm. New Holland T6.140 tractor is powered by a 4-cylinder, 3-liter engine provided by FPT Industrial. The engine has 135 hp and torque of 620 Nm.

Fuel gas is collected in 9 tanks holding a total of 50 kg of biomethane. This allows the tractor to work for about half a day under normal operating conditions. The tractor has an additional 15-liter petrol tank providing a reserve that might be used when needed. Gas tanks are integrated with the tractor’s structure and they don’t limit visibility or the vehicle’s clearance. These parameters are the same as in a diesel-powered version of the tractor.

Compared to diesel-powered versions of the vehicle, emission of harmful components in exhaust gas is reduced due to the use of gas supply by about 80%. Using spark-ignition engine also simplified the treatment of exhaust gas. The exhaust system includes a three-way catalytic converter that ensures exhaust gas complies with Tier 4B emission standard. The use of biomethane to drive the tractor virtually eliminates carbon dioxide emission, and compared to conventional fuels, emission of CO2 is reduced by 25 to 40%.

At Agritechnica farmers will experience New Holland’s latest products and innovative ideas, which will help them to improve the efficiency and sustainability of their farms, both in terms of the machinery they use and the state-of-the-art agricultural solutions on offer. This will enable them to do more with less, and this is our vision for the future of agriculture.

Carlo Lambro, President of New Holland Agriculture


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