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© AM General / CNG tanks limit the MV-1's cargo space, but their content limits running costs and emissions and that's the point poprzednie następne
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MV-1 CNG - half Hummer, half London taxi

MV-1 CNG - half Hummer, half London taxi © AM General

Have you ever imagined a crossbreed between the mighty Humvee and the much more humble, yet by no means less charismatic London taxi? No? Well, why would you, anyway? Still, someone has and here's the outcome – America's first purpose-built taxi vehicle. Coincidentally, it's also CNG-powered.
AM General MV-1© AM GeneralThe MV-1's basic concept is similar to that of the London taxi, but further developed to allow wheelchair access

The car was developed and until recently had been produced by VPG – the Vehicle Production Group. Technically however, it has always been assembled by AM General at the same Indiana plant where the Hummer used to be made. Now that VPG has been purchased by AM General, the production will be entirely overseen by the latter company.

The deal was finalised in early September, 2013, and a new entity – Mobility Ventures LLC – was founded to acquire and utilise the assets of VPG. Manufacture and sales of the MV-1 was expected at the time to resume within approx. 45 days, which should be around now. Sales will also restart shortly.

The MV-1 CNG is the only American vehicle purpose-built to become a taxi, particularly one to well suit the needs of disabled passengers, featuring a wheelchair entering platform and sufficient space inside. The natural gas fuel system is an optional feature designed to cut running costs and emissions and comes with tanks big enough to provide 290 miles/465 km of range without refueling.


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