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Mon Chery - CNG taxis for Venezuela

Mon Chery - CNG taxis for Venezuela ©

Taxis in Venezuela are about to become powered with CNG. All of them. The first batch, 400 out of projected 20000, have just reached Venezuelan shores straight from Chery International's factory in Wuhu City, Anhui Province, China.

The delivery is a part of a broader plan – a plan to renew the entire country's public transport fleet, for which purpose the Special Financing Program to Transport Units has been set up by the Public Bank. The idea isn't just to replace aging cars with brand new ones, but also to make them more environmentally friendly in the process, so the new Chery Orinoco taxis are all powered with CNG.

Taxis are Chery brand, Orinoco model, white color, light identification, security camera, radio dual band, video cameras, radio and dual gas fuel system.

People’s Minister for Land Transport and Public Works, Haiman El Troudi

More taxis are underway – within the next few months the number of vehicles delivered to Venezuela will rise to 10000, with another 10000 expected in 2016. With such numbers of cars ordered, deliveries are bound to take time – the ship carrying the first 400 Orinocos took nearly two months to sail from China to Venezuela. Once the Cherys reach their destination, they will be distributed across the country, so if you happen to go to Venezuela, say, two years from now, you're bound to ride in one of them if you take a taxi.


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