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Honda has a new CNG-powered model to offer. At least in India it does. The Amaze is a small family sedan that has recently been made available with factory natural gas conversion to help reduce the running costs. What's it worth?
Honda Amaze© HondaWith a CNG tank inside, the trunk will not be as useful as it may seem at first glance, but still the car should become popular

The car features a 1,2-litre i-VTEC engine paired to a manual transmission and, of course, a Honda-approved CNG system. The Amaze (a sedan version of the Brio supermini hatchback) targets customers looking for an affordable, inexpensive to run vehicle that at the same time offers spacious interior and decent performance. For convenience of everyday use, the car is a bi-fuel one, which means the petrol system is still on board and fully functional.

Conversion will be carried out in Honda dealerships across India, at least in those cities, where compressed natural gas infrastructure is readily available. Even though not exactly factory-converted, the car benefits from certain factory "tuning”, including suspension tweaks (a CNG-powered vehicle is heavier than a petrol one), CNG-specific engine components (by which we understand valves and valve seats) and wiring harnesses. The price is set at approx. 654 thousand rupees (ca. 10500 US dollars), including conversion.

We are extremely happy to bring the Amaze with a CNG option for our customers, which will not only be cheaper to run and maintain but also eco-friendly.

Jnaneswar Sen, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Sales, Honda Cars India


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