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Maruti Wagon R Avance CNG - limited savings

Maruti Suzuki is one of the most popular car brands in India. And since gaseous fuels (CNG and LPG) are also on the rise in the world's second most populous country, methane-powered variants of certain models are a necessity.
Maruti Suzuki Wagon R Avance CNG© Maruti SuzukiIt may have power windows and mirrors as standard, but wheel caps are optional

Among Maruti Suzuki's CNG line-up is a natural-gas-powered version of the limited edition Wagon R Avance, available for a period of three months to coincide with the annual Diwali – or Festival of Lights – festive season. In terms of extra equipment on the limited edition, the Wagon R Avance features some cosmetic changes (most notably body decals) as well as useful upgrades, including a music system with Bluetooth connectivity, front and rear power windows, power mirrors, keyless entry and a central locking system with security alarm otherwise offered only in the range-topping Wagon R VXi petrol model. Engine-wise, it's motivated by a 3-cylinder, 998 cm3 unit good for 59 PS of power and 77 Nm of torque. Prices start from an equivalent of 7300 dollars. As far as fuel economy is concerned, the car covers 26,6 km per 1 kg of CNG, which is equal to 3,76 kg or 5,02 m3 per 100 km. The bi-fuel variant complies with the Indian BS IV emission standard.


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