Cookies Policy

1. The portal (henceforth referred to as the Portal) does not automatically collect any information whatsoever other than that contained within cookie files.

2. Cookie files are pieces of information data, particularly text files, stored on the Portal User&aposs final device and meant to enable the User to use the Portal&aposs webpages. Cookies usually contain the name of the website they come from, storage period on the final device and a unique number.

3. The party storing cookie files on the Portal User&aposs device and accessing them is the Portal&aposs operator: Gazeo PaweĊ‚ Stefanowski, Pogonowskiego 5/7 Str., 90-745 Lodz, Poland, Tax ID 947-102-05-50, CRO certificate 471523240.

4. Cookie files are used for:

  • customising the Portal&aposs webpages according to the User&aposs preferences and optimising user experience; in particular, cookie files allow to recognise the Portal User&aposs device and display the site appropriately, according to the User&aposs individual needs and preferences;
  • preparing statistics, which help understand the way Portal Users use the Portal&aposs webpages, in turn making it possible to enhance the pages&apos structure and content;
  • sustaining the Portal User&aposs session once he or she logs in, so that logging in is not required repeatedly, every time the User accesses a new page of the Portal;
  • displaying advertisements and limiting their number;

5. At three general types of cookies are used:

  • session cookies,
  • persistent cookies,
  • third parties cookies.

Session cookies are temporary files, stored on the User&aposs device until he or she logs out, leaves the site or switches off the web browser.

Persistent cookies are stored on the User&aposs device over a definite period of time (specified in the files&apos parameters) or until the User deletes them manually.

Third parties cookies are files supplied e. g. by advertising servers, companies and service providers
(e. g. providers of maps used within the Portal) cooperating with the Portal&aposs owner. These cookies enable customising advertising preferences for particular Users&apos habits and are supplied through the Portal by Facebook and Google.

6. In many cases web browsers allow storing cookie files on the User&aposs device by default. Users can change their cookie settings manually at any moment. User preferences may be set to block cookie files or inform the User every time a cookie file is stored on the User&aposs device. For details concerning cookie files storage preferences consult your web browser&aposs options.

7. The operator of the Portal wishes to inform that blocking cookie files may limit the Portal&aposs webpages functionality.

8. Cookie files stored on the User&aposs device may be used by advertisement providers cooperating with the Portal and the Portal&aposs partners.

9. For more information on cookie files, please visit or consult the Help section in your web browser&aposs menu.


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