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Blackswan - LPG-powered moped

Jordan Motors is a company headquartered in Taiwan and specialising in production of cycles, scooters, mopeds and engines for such vehicles, with capacities ranging from 25 to 250 ccm. One of their products is the Blackswan.
Jordan Motors Blackswan LPG-powered moped© Jordan MotorsWith 1 PS of engine power, the Blackswan is better off without a regular LPG tank, but the driver should probably carry surplus cartridges with them

According to Jordan Motors, all the engines they produce are technologically adapted to run on LPG autogas, thus cutting running costs and curbing emissions of harmful pollutants. One of the LPG-powered vehicles manufactured by the company is the Blackswan moped.

It's interesting because it doesn't feature an autogas tank as you would expect it, but instead is powered from disposable LPG cartridges, the like of which are used in portable tourist cookers. Such cartridges are easily available, safe to use and, depending on size, provide 20-30 km of range. Replacing the cartridge is very easy, just as replacing a depleted battery. The cartridge is small and light (approx. 320 g). It's also versatile and can be used for powering other LPG devices.

The Blackswan is motivated by a four-stroke engine with a single horizontal cylinder and a capacity of 36 ccm. The unit generates approx. 1 PS at 7500 rpm and accelerates the 40 kg moped to 35 km/h. Driving an LPG-powered Blackswan is reportedly very convenient.


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