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© / Grzegorz Sienkiewicz of EuropeGAS collected as many as three awards poprzednie następne

INPRO Awards 2016

INPRO Awards 2016 ©

The INPRO Awards are an essential part of GasShow and they are meant to honour and distinguish outstanding products and services displayed during the fair. During the 2016 edition of the event they were presented in a modest ceremony at the end of day one.

The 2016 INPROs were awarded in three categories:

  • Automotive LPG/CNG systems;
  • Technology and innovation;
  • Fuel additives.

Additionally, special awards were granted for exceptional fair stands.

INPRO Awards 2016 ceremony© gazeo.comThe awards ceremony served to sum up the first day of GasShow 2016

Most of the awards were received by LPG-related products, although many of them (ECUs, injectors etc.) are versatile devices, which can be used for CNG just as well. However, one of the awarded products was dedicated precisely for use with compressed natural gas.

In the Automotive LPG/CNG systems category the awards went to autogas systems utilising liquid state LPG injection presented by Polish companies and one particularly technologically advanced sequential autogas injection system by a new local producer. A manufacturer of gaseous fuel filtration systems was also awarded.

In the Automotive LPG/CNG systems category, the 2016 INPROs were awarded to:

  • EuropeGAS for the EG Metano CNG pressure reducer;
  • EuropeGAS for the EG 2000 injector;
  • Certools for the F-781 and F-782 gaseous fuel filters using bulprene as filtering medium;
  • EDDC for the 4Save Best sequential vapour state LPG injection system;
  • DGI for the DGI LM and DGI LCC liquid state LPG injection systems;
  • LGITECH for the LGITECH SYMBIO system.

In the Technology and innovation category, Chemet was awarded for its versatile LPG bulk tank. It combines the characteristics of LPG bottles and bulk tanks and does not require annual technological inspections (bulk tanks usually do). It can be used for transport or storage of LPG. As for the Fuel additives category, Flashlube's Valve Saver Fluid secured the award. Last but not least, several exceptional stands were presented with awards, too:

  • PGNiG;
  • DGI;
  • Orlen Paliwa;
  • EuropeGAS.

The awarded companies and products are now entitled to use the INPRO logo for one year in their promotional materials and marketing activities. Be sure to find more about the awarded products in our detailed coverage of GasShow 2016.


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