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© / This is a NefAZ 4208-10-41 bus built on a KamAZ chassis. Such buses are a typical element of the Asian part of Russia's landscape poprzednie następne
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GasSuf 2014 - Moscow under pressure

GasSuf 2014 - Moscow under pressure ©

The GasSuf fair, held once a year in Moscow – Europe's largest city, is a one of a kind international exhibition of LPG/CNG/LNG-powered vehicles as well as machinery and technology used at gas refueling stations.
GasSuf 2014 - the exhibition hall© gazeo.comThe fair takes place at a modern venue

According to the organisers, the 2014 edition of the fair was visited by 1800 people. And the number is set to grow in the years to come, as the size and untapped potential of the Russian market are generating a growing interest. This year 92 companies from the global LPG/CNG/LNG industry presented their latest products. Just like during the previous editions, among visitors there were both professionals – autogas system installers and conversion workshop owners – and ordinary users of LPG/CNG-powered vehicles. Each of the exhibitors had a broad range of products on display, most of them tailored to the specific needs of the Russian market.

Due to the growing popularity of methane-based fuels, CNG-powered vehicles and related technologies accounted for a majority of the exhibition. Buses and trucks powered with CNG, becoming more and more visible in the streets of Russian cities, were particularly numerous on the show floor. Many of them were products of the companies GAZ and KamAZ, broadly and actively promoted during the event. Utility vehicles and buses were also presented by such companies as AgroMashHolding or King Long Rus. One of the highlights of the 2014 GasSuf was the presentation of AgroMash CNG-powered tractors and combine harvesters.

AgroMash 85 TK Metan CNG-powered tractor© gazeo.comAgroMash 85 TK Metan CNG-powered tractor. Its 365-litre tanks hold 70 m3 of fuel, which is sufficient for 8 hours of continuous work

Companies participating in the event took every opportunity to make new contacts and seal deals, e. g. through meetings with partners and product presentations. And even though the show floor was dominated by local companies, foreign manufacturers (from 16 countries) were also there, among them those from Turkey (Mimgas, Aldesa), Italy (Zavoli, Fornovo Gas), Bulgaria (Fobos Auto, Bel Company), China (Sinoma Science & Technology, Chengdu Hantu Trade), Germany (Xperion Energy, Schwelm Anlagentechnik), South Korea (World Power Tech, Hanaplant), Poland (Alex, Elpigaz, EuropeGAS, Gomet, KME, Zamel and LPGTECH, the latter along with their Russian market representative – Logaz Auto) and other places from all over the world.

GasSuf is also an exhibition of gas-powered vehicle-related infrastructure. Stands of such companies as Wayne, Delta Compresion, Mikrometan, Melston, Fornovo Gas czy Galileo Technologies offered visitors the opportunity to learn about everything that is related to transport, storage and refueling of LPG and methane-based fuels. Appropriately for the event's B2B profile, the fair was a platform for numerous business talks, as most of the people present were either company representatives looking for customers or customers seeking good deals. Thus, the GasSuf was the right place to meet. Be sure to see all the highlights in our gallery!


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