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GasShow 2012 - lifeline of the trade

GasShow 2012 - lifeline of the trade ©

ew company – Stener. Using Irene's technology, machinery, infrastructure and certifications, Stener keeps manufacturing automotive LPG tanks, which are already sold in Thailand, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Greece, Czech and Slovakia, while certification for the Japanese market is in progress.

More and more autogas equipment manufacturers take the opportunity to spread their business into the heavy-duty transport sector, where large-capacity Diesel engines are king.

Diesel and autogas do not have to mean © gazeo.comThe Solaris Diesel system

Substitution of a part of the diesel fuel with cheaper LPG leads to lowering the running costs of a vehicle and cutting down on emissions, especially those of particulate matter. Diesel-gas systems were presented at the 2012 GasShow by Car-Gaz (Solaris Diesel), Elpigaz (DEGAmix) and Europegas (Oscar-N Diesel). However, a number of other Polish companies have similar systems in the pipeline or even are finalising tests before launching final products onto the market. For example, AC presented the nearly-ready STAG Diesel which, unlike the above models, is going to be a sequential gas injection system. Gathering data from four basic sensors (monitoring MAP, lambda, detonation and exhaust fumes temperature), the STAG Diesel aims to replace as much diesel with LPG as possible. If any of the sensors detects an engine malfunction, diesel fuel portion is automatically raised and that of LPG reduced. The process takes place in real time, on a working engine. According to the manufacturer's claims, thanks to this operation strategy as much as over 50 per cent of basic fuel (i. e. diesel) may be replaced with autogas. Even when the engine is idling, a small (1 per cent) portion of diesel is substituted with LPG.

Diesel-gas is the new name of the game and everybody wants to be in it© gazeo.comThe AG Centrum diesel-gas ECU will be available soon

Auto-Gaz Centrum also announced plans to launch a diesel-gas system. Right now it is still being developed and currently undergoes thorough tests. The company's philosophy is not to display systems that are still under development and that is why AG Centrum only brought an ECU to the GasShow fair. The entire system, once it is ready, will be very simple and easy to fit and configure. The controller's algorhythms monitor the combustion process of the engine and – on the basis of available data – aim to displace as much diesel with LPG as possible at a given moment, obviously without sacrificing the motor's durability. Also the company Lecho – for the second time running – announced a diesel-gas system is coming to the product range.

Lithuanian companies made their point this year© gazeo.comAn EGS Diesel ECU

The growing Polish diesel-gas market appears interesting to foreign companies, too. The Lithuanian company UAB, manufacturer of EGS (EuroGasService) systems, brought and presented the EGS Diesel – a standard system which injects certain portions of LPG into the intake system of a Diesel engine. The ECU is equipped with an automatic calibration feature, which makes the set-up process much easier.

Lubricants are on the rise since the number of engines that need them is rising© gazeo.comThe awarded Flashlube valve saver kit

Yet another company who wanted to steal some spotlight from the others in the diesel-gas field was Global Gas – the distributor of Blue Power systems, among them the Blue Power Diesel, in Eastern market. The diesel-gas system is offered in both LPG and CNG variants. The producer claims that the LPG version displaces up to 50 per cent of diesel fuel, while for the CNG version the displacement figure is supposed to reach as much as 70 per cent.


Instead of using a valve saver kit, you may choose to replace valves altogether© gazeo.comLPG/CNG-dedicated valves by Paradowscy AMP

Valve saver kits and fluids have become a permanent part of the GasShow exposition. Just as LPG/CNG systems, they constantly evolve in order to play their role more effectively and become as user-friendly as possible. During the 2012 edition of the Warsaw fair, additives meant to protect valves and valve seats from premature wear were presented by such companies as ERC, V-Lube and Flashlube, the last of which has developed a new, improved dosing kit for its protective fluid.


The GasShow is more than just autogas systems, equipment and accessories. The company Paradowscy AMP, a manufacturer of engine valves, presented their very interesting offer. They deliver their products as OEM and to the aftermarket and in large numbers, too (4 million pieces a year). During the GasShow, specially prepared (hardened by ionic plasma nitridation) LPG/CNG valves were presented. Designed to protect valves from premature wear in a gas-powered engine, the process extends durability of the valves by five times. In the future, it is possible that the company will also start manufacturing dedicated valve seats.

Meanwhile, POGP (Polish LPG Association) used the foyer of the Expo XXI hall to hold a small display of innovative, non-automotive ways to use LPG. As it turns out, gas may fuel energy generators, lawn mowers, hedge clippers, barbecues, etc. Such devices are already very popular in the US (where there are actually more popular than autogas-powered cars), so chances are they will also catch on over here.

Turkish companies

Just like during previous editions, there was a strong group of Turkich companies present at the 2012 GasShow. Admittedly, their activity in the Polish market does not show signs of growing despite this regular presence. However, representing the largest autogas market in the world is obliging in its own right, so even if Turkish manufacturers do not mean business, they need to come. And when they come, they do so in style – their stands grow larger by the year. In 2012, visitors could see products from Tugra Makina, Atiker, Saka and NLP, among others. Everything an autogas soul desires is there, ranging from ECU's, through reducers and injector rails, to LPG tanks.


INPRO awards

Direct fuel injection is the future and the autogas sector is ready for it© gazeo.comThe Vialle LPdi system is already available for BMW engines

An evening After Party at the end of the first day of the fair has become a tradition of the GasShow. It is there and then that the INPRO statuettes are awarded to companies who brought the most innovative, groundbreaking and cutting-edge products and services to the fair. The 2012 edition saw a record number of 18 awards handed out, mainly to autogas equipment manufacturers.

Polish companies do not lag behind© gazeo.comA Nevo ECU by KME

In the category of automotive LPG/CNG systems, the following companies were awarded:

AC – for the STAG-4 Q-Box ECU,

ALEX – for the Barracuda LPG/CNG injector,

Auto-Gaz Centrum – for the Zenit Pro ECU,

Elpigaz – for the Stella Polare COMFORTline system,

KME – for the Nevo systems family (Nevo, Nevo Plus and Nevo Pro),

Prins Autogassystemen – for the LiquiMax Direct system,

Vialle Alternative Fuel Systems – for the LPdi autogas system for direct-injection engines.

Other winners included manufacturers of lubricants – ERC, Flashlube and JLM Lubricants, who received their award in recognition of the innovative valve-saving solutions they offer.


There was also time for honorary INPRO awards. Zbigniew Domanski, a Polish autogas pioneer, received one for his 20-year-long involvement in the field, which came to be largely thanks to Mr Domanski and his company, AUTOGAZ DOMANSKI. We felt honoured, too, as Mr Domanski praised from the stage for spreading thorough, unbiased knowledge of autogas. Another statuette was awarded to Adam Majerczyk of the ITS (Automotive Transportation Institute) for perseverance in promoting autogas propulsion among automotive engineers and other specialists, as well as popularising LPG as fuel for the common user.

Another GasShow came and went. The next, already highly anticipated edition is coming on March 6-7, 2013. The exhibition area has already been announced to grow again, compared to the 2012 event, and a new website is going to be launched, featuring the possibility to make business appointments online before the GasShow 2013 begins. We hope to see you there!


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