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Beijing cleans its taxis

If singer Katie Melua's information is accurate and reliable, there are 9 million bicycles in Beijing. As far as taxis are concerned, there are way fewer of them in the giant city, but they too are bound to become much more environmentally friendly soon.

Breathing with soup

Huge cities around the world have at least one thing in common – abysmal air quality. Beijing is no exception in that respect, since during most of the year people living there breathe with a mixture of gasses containing much more than just nitrogen, oxygen and water vapour. The problem is, many of the „extra” components suspended in the air are harmful compounds, responsible for thousands of premature deaths each year. Luckily, the authorities are aware of the problem and have announced measures to improve the situation by gradually replacing old taxi cabs with new, cleaner ones.

Autogas-powered taxis in Beijing© CRIChina is the biggest new car market in the world. Will it soon become the largest autogas market, too? Not thanks to taxis alone, perhaps, but it still can...

Electricity and gas instead of petrol and diesel

All taxis running on petrol and diesel are bound to be replaced with EVs and autogas-powered equivalents. We hope the latter solution proves more successful and not just because we're fanatical LPG proponents (although indeed we are), but also because Chinese EVs aren't exactly environmentally friendly. Besides, they're not really cut out for taxi service – their range is limited and recharging takes way too much time.

LPG proves cheaper from the start

At the moment there are approx. 71 thousand taxis in Beijing, with 94% of them motivated by conventional powertrains. From now on, each taxi decommissioned from service will have to be reaplced with an EV or an LPG-powered one and if fleet operators wish to expand the number of their cars, they will also be able to choose from EVs and LPG vehicles only, too. However, considering EVs are on average twice as expensive and comparable petrol or diesel burners (140 vs. 60-70 thousand yuan, equal to approx. 20 vs. 10 thousand dollars), we believe autogas will soon become the new fuel of choice for taxi companies in Beijing.


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